Why can we sign the big orders of hinges Hardware Foreign Trade

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  • December 05, 2017

Why can we sign the big orders of hinges Hardware Foreign Trade

    This Tuesday, when we were busy working, there were two customers coming to the door of our A & J office. Taking a look, the original is Reza and Ali suddenly came ago, it let us so surprised.

Suddenly, our tense working atmosphere became happy, Sonia got up and greeted the two guests, we are happily talking and laughing. The manager warmly received the visit of foreign friends, the Ministry of Foreign Trade colleagues and the company all the staff expressed their warm welcome. After a greeting, Reza said that they were interested in visiting our office because they saw the products represented by our showroom, not only well-organized, but also rich in style.

Then Sonia and the manager talked about their business in the office, and they wanted to wholesale our hinges because the quality of the samples received before was really very good, and this time come was specially made for large quantities of orders to review. The Ministry of Foreign Trade in charge of foreign customers for a detailed company products and took samples, the use of professional testing equipment to show to customers, they expressed praise. Accompanied by foreign customers to watch the company after the video, foreign customers happily visited my company's products and exhibitions series, In a comprehensive understanding of the company's strength, R & D strength and detailed show introduction, our A & J corporate culture, future development prospects for further understanding. They affirmed the quality of our company cabinet hinge parts and the enthusiasm of all staff, attentive service, and have a strong interest with my company's products and look forward to working with my company long-term cooperation. After we have talked about a round of price, they expressed satisfaction and promised to send us feedback as soon as possible.

A week later, through Jane and their phone calls several times, we made Reza and Ali's trust and recognition. From Ali's mouth, we learned that after visiting our A & J, they were still asking for a few hardware companies in Guangzhou, but the quality of other companies' products was not as good as ours, but the price was More expensive, so they decided to give their first order to us. When we get the manager and staff member get this good news, we are both excited and very pleased, excited that this is a large order of tens of thousands of dollars, pleased that our high-quality products and good service attitude has been recognized by two customers. We told them, "We guarantee the high quality and price of the product is reasonable, because A & J companies pay more attention to our customers praise, you can go back to continue to buy our products. And we have a very good after-sales service as well as sales of professional confidence, in order to obtain customer satisfaction.In this regard, Ali said very satisfied. Upon receipt of the order, we have ready the goods in time, then we immediately contact our factory for processing, and strive to ensure that items can be sent as soon as possible and safely to them.

When Reza and Ali received our hinges the next day, we got their feedback on the product - "good quality, good price, good service". We are very happy and we are pleased with our efforts. We always believe that we will do better and better.

A & J companies strive to build the global hardware plastic accessories leading brand, is committed to the metal template in the furniture, public facilities, office and other areas of the promotion and popularization. Future A & J will also create a production base of international grade hardware ( slides, latches, hinge, etc.) accessories to create high quality products and systems for customers around the world. The international market development space is huge, the customer visit will be for our company to understand the international market, open up foreign markets and lay a good foundation. The development of new international markets will also make a positive contribution to the Group's strategic objectives.

A & J provides better service for customer needs.

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