What is gas spring Teach you how to identify good gas springs

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  • March 16, 2019

Gas spring It is a kind of industrial fittings that can support, buffer, brake, adjust height and adjust angle. It consists of the following parts: pressure cylinder, piston rod, piston, a guide sleeve, sealing filler (inert gas or oil and gas mixture), cylinder control element and control element (of a controllable gas spring) and joint. The principle is in the airtight pressure cylinder filled with inert gas or oil and gas mixture, the cavity is higher than atmospheric pressure several times or dozens of times, the cross-sectional area of the cross-sectional area of the piston rod of the piston to produce less than the pressure to achieve the movement of the piston rod. Due to the different fundamental principle, the gas spring than ordinary spring has the advantages of very significant: the speed is relatively slow, dynamic force changes little (within 1:1.2), easy to control; the disadvantage is relatively small volume of spiral spring, high cost, relatively short life. Unlike the mechanical spring, the gas spring has nearly linear elastic curves. The elastic coefficient X of the standard gas spring is between 1.2 and 1.4, and other parameters can be flexibly defined according to the requirements and working conditions.


Gas spring can lift springs labor, can be divided into self locking gas spring (such as the bottom of the lifting seat backrest, boss chair, etc.) can not be self locking gas spring (lifting support such as a closet door car trunk, the structure of the gas spring), mainly composed of a sleeve, piston and piston rod, with a high pressure air high pressure nitrogen or in the sleeve, due to the pressure difference between the ends of the piston area ranging, push the piston and piston rod movement and support people or objects.


gas spring

Evaluation quality:

Quality evaluation of a gas spring quality mainly from the following aspects: first is the seal, if good sealing will appear in the course of oil spills, leakage and other phenomena; second is the precision, such as the need to 500N the gas spring force, some manufacturers out of the error is not more than 2N, some manufacturers of the products may and the actual needs of the 500N is quite far; again the use of life, the life of its fully retractable count; the last is in the process of the gas spring force value change, under ideal conditions should be in the entire stroke force value remains unchanged. However, due to the factors of design and processing, the force of the air spring changes inevitably in the stroke. And the magnitude of its change is an important criterion to measure the quality of a gas spring. The smaller the range of change, the better the quality of the air spring is, the worse the opposite is!


Introduction of gas spring coating process

The market view of most manufacturers still use the traditional painting, we all know that the painting is the advantage of low cost, and the operation is relatively simple, generally a factory has one or two big master to fix it, but the painting process also have some shortcomings such as: comparison and smell unpleasant, corrosion resistance is not prominent but also for the environmental protection of this piece is a more difficult thing for all manufacturers.

Then how to do the painting process in the end? Generally the following steps:

Degreasing - washing - removing the base oxide (or doing this step) - surface conditioning - phosphating - washing - drying - Painting - drying (drying temperature depends on the paint used by the manufacturer)


Here, we can by the way in the phosphating process, so most manufacturers are using zinc phosphating process, the same is low cost, easy operation, general gas spring can directly change the channel, basically do not add what. It also has the same phosphate deficiency, such as: in use will have a certain impact and phosphating, phosphating film gas spring itself, and when the slag content in phosphating solution gradually increased, easily adsorbed on the body, which is easy to cause early slag coating blistering and shedding, and reduces the coating the adhesion and corrosion resistance. After the phosphating slag is injected into the electrophoresis tank, it will pollute the electrophoresis bath, cause the blockage of ultrafiltration membrane, and reduce the service life of UF membrane. "Obstruction nozzle" and "circulating pipe" cause unnecessary turn over. "Easy blocking heat exchanger, excessive nitric acid cleaning will not only shorten the life of the heat exchanger, but also have the leakage of nitric acid into the phosphating solution.".

With the demand for environmental protection and high quality products, the coating on the surface of gas springs is also updated, and some newer coating processes can meet the demand of the market.


Autophoresis coatings is officially known as automatic deposition coatings, also known as chemical deposition coatings or acid deposition coatings. This method is characterized by coating and film coating method is economical, simple equipment, low energy consumption, easy operation, low cost and strong anti rust coating; almost no organic solvent, less pollution and environmental protection. Since its industrialization in mid 1970s, self bath paints have been used mainly for the painting of metal surfaces (e.g. automobiles and other metal parts).


Advantages and disadvantages of self swimming paint


1, the product quality is far higher than spray paint. Salt fog time can reach about 300H.

2, with water as dispersant, no organic solvent, heavy metal, belongs to safe and environmental protection coating, no VOC.

3, painting without dead corners, as long as the workpiece can contact the place can do good paint film.

4, the coating without electricity, put the workpiece in the groove can be.

5, painting equipment is simple, generally only need: tank, mixing system, heating system, constant temperature system, transmission device, oven.


1, the color is single, the use of air spring paint only black (Matt, Ban Yaguang).

2, relative to the spray painting process is more complex.

From the current point of view, the gas spring manufacturers use autodepositioncoating process is not very much, but this is a trend in the future, he meets the demand of the market with high quality appearance and corrosion resistance, and is also in line with the requirements of environmental protection.

Industry experts analysis, in the next few years, gas spring manufacturers have great possibility from the original painting process replaced by self swimming paint process.

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