How to choose hinges for home decoration

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  • March 29, 2019

    Family is decorated in a tiny hardware, often overlooked, sometimes many owners are looking for a hardware store to buy the cheapest, but instead, this product is very important, young people more things in the home, so I need to receive the cabinet is more, the hinge of the products are mainly connected to the door plank of cabinet put oneself in another's position and important responsibility, the use of closed chest at ordinary times, through considering the most is the hinge.So hinge is one of the most important hardware pieces of the closet.Below small make up for everybody introduces chest door hinge to choose a law.


Wardrobe door hinge selection rule

1. Look at the weight of material phase

If the door hinges are of poor quality, the cabinet door is easy to close up after a long time. Generally, the wardrobe door hardware of large brands is made of cold rolled steel, which is pressed and shaped at one time with a thick feel and smooth surface.Moreover, due to the thickness of the surface coating, it is not easy to rust, durable and strong bearing capacity.

Look: good quality chest door hinge front cover and base are very chunky, and fine workmanship, smooth without burrs, high strength.Poor quality wardrobe doors have rough hinges, thin forged surfaces and poor strength.

Weigh: a product of same specification, if a quality is heavier, explain the density of product is high, manufacturer chooses material to compare hard, quality has more assure.

2. Observation details

Detail can see the stand or fall of the product, and the hinge of good quality chest door feels thicker, the surface is smooth, the effect that can achieve mute basically on the design, and inferior hardware is made of cheap metal such as sheet iron commonly, cupboard door is stretched unripe acerbic sound even.

3.Experience the touch

Chest door hinge can be selected by hand, good is the use of chest door hinge different feel, quality of the chest door hinge hinge when opening the force is relatively soft, very uniform resilience, in the choice of the time can be more switch cupboard door, experience feel.

When the choose and buy, want to notice the reposition performance of chest door hinge, can use hand to press both sides of chest door hinge hard, observe support spring sheet does not transform, do not break, very firm is the product that qualifies for quality.Ambry is in choosing a process, besides the material outside of door plank, the most important is the quality that sees hardware hinge, counterfeit on market tall copy also is very numerous its number.The money spent on top brands ended up buying poor quality hardware hinges, so xiong hushan today teaches you how to tell the quality of hinge!

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