The concept of Door handle Teach you how to maintain the door lock?

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The door handle  is a device that locks the door to prevent others from opening the door. The device may be mechanical or electric, and electric needs electrical energy.


Classified editor of door lock

Categories: Hotel locks, apartment locks, smart locks, fingerprint locks, glass door locks and so on in a variety of electronic locks.Classification of door lock on the door, on various occasions the requirements are not the same, ordinary families generally use high safety anti-theft locks, but the price is cheaper; in some places, high-end security institutions will use the password lock, fingerprint lock, security is very high, the price is expensive; many public use glass doors, so the glass door will use widely.


Technical classification editor

Lock system lock technology and application of different, now for the following categories:

Spherical door lock

The handle of the door lock is spherical, the manufacturing process is relatively simple, and the cost is low. It is widely used in our country, because of poor security, it is generally used for indoor door locks.

The products are mainly made of iron, stainless steel and copper

Iron is used for inner structure of product, stainless steel for shell, copper for lock core

Three bar lock

The handle of the door lock is the door handle, the manufacturing process is relatively simple, and the cost is low. It is widely used in our country, because of poor security, it is generally used for indoor door locks

The products are mainly made of iron, stainless steel, copper and zinc alloy

Iron is used for inner structure of product, stainless steel for shell, copper for lock core, and zinc alloy for lock handle

Mortise lock

The lock is divided into split lock and conjoined lock

There are many materials, such as zinc alloy, stainless steel and copper

Product safety is good, often used in the door, room door.

Office applications are more common.

Glass door lock

With the appearance of glass doors, a lot of glass door locks appeared.

The advantage of glass locks is that the glass does not need openings

Better safety performance.


Fingerprint lock

brief introduction

Unlock mode: fingerprint, password two ways to open the door

Latch: single tongue

Color: lock face and handle chrome color material: cast steel integration

Open direction: left open, right open, inner push, outer pull

Functional characteristics

All metal cast steel integrated shell, stainless steel surface treatment, durable.

Fingerprint and password are two ways of opening, which is safe and reliable.

30 fingerprint keys can be set to unlock the door lock.

Single tongue lock core. Easy to install and use.

A large scale integrated circuit chip is equipped with a complete set of preparation and cancellation of fingerprint procedures, simple operation.

The fingerprint can be cancelled to make it invalid and no need to replace the lock.

In case of emergency, the mechanical key can also be used to unlock the door lock.

Exclusive production in China, exclusive patent in china.

Especially suitable for family, computer room, office and so on.

Processing technology

The lock surface using the most advanced integrated steel structure, without an artificial rivets and plastic parts, special process to ensure the door more durable, never loose, fully meet the public environment, anti destructive stronger.

Electronic door lock

The electronic lock is emerging with the development of the electronic technology, the convenience of use, preventing illegal opening, intelligent management and other aspects of mechanical locks are incomparable, so it has been widely used in higher demands on the security industry. The most common market are magnetic cards, IC cards, TM cards, RF cards, electronic locks. In many brands, many varieties of electronic locks, how to choose? In the purchase of electronic locks, we should grasp the following principles.

The environment in which functions should be combined

The functional requirements should be determined according to the application, because different use environments have different functional focuses. As an office electronic office lock of financial institutions, the functions that must be possessed are: the function of all key cards must be time limited; the lock has the function of opening the door and recording records; and the management functions are graded. Based on the above function, to adapt to the development in the future, can consider the extended lock system (system management staff office, public channel, dedicated channel etc.), considering the card system technology interface, to achieve real-time monitoring of the door of the house, in the very thing case can control the door open. The best solution is the network lock, and consider the interface of other IC card system, in order to achieve one card.

Safety and stability are of great importance

Door lock must be safe and stable as a safety precaution product. Security can be measured in two ways: one is resistance to vandalism, mischief and deliberate prying and drilling. In this regard, the mechanical strength of mechanical locks and electronic locks can generally meet the requirements. But in all kinds of locks, only the RF card electronic door lock is fully enclosed structure, its security is the best. Two is to prevent technology open, mechanical lock technology to open the ability is very poor. No matter what kind of structure the mechanical lock can be opened by other means. Keys can be copied, it's a big security risk. In the electronic lock, the key card is easy to be copied because of no password restriction. IC card and radio frequency card completely solved the problem of preventing technology opening.

As a door lock, its stability is also very important. The door can not be opened when the door is open, and the door can not be closed when the door is closed, which may bring serious losses to the financial enterprises. Generally speaking, the stability of electronic lock is higher than that of other electronic locks in some electronic locks. If the magnetic strong magnetic field, IC black oil, dust and electrostatic (especially dry weather and wool products together, and RF card) has the characteristics of sealed, waterproof, anti-static, anti dust. From the card reading method, only radio frequency card reading card does not touch, its service life is the longest.

The development trend of technology should be considered

The IC card as identification, ticket, electronic wallet, and contactless IC card electronic door lock card (the operation is not convenient operation for a long time), environmental adaptability problems to be eliminated gradually, especially in public and semi public environment, such as attendance, consumption, public transportation, dining parking lot etc.. Non contact IC card electronic door lock is a new type of electronic door lock. Due to its high reliability, high safety, no touch, fast and convenient operation, long service life, it becomes the replacement product of contact IC card electronic door lock.


Maintenance editor of 5 door lock

Different from the commercial hardware standards, civil hardware fittings used for a long time, prone to here, there are many problems. Especially the door lock, such a high load operation parts, long service life, there will inevitably be a bit of trouble. Often found some users and friends, home door lock damage is often due to the use or maintenance can not be caused.

Some matters needing attention in the maintenance of locks:


Some friends appear when astringent, or tight in the door, often love to some of the lubricating oil, the lock drops so that the door body may immediately smooth, but because oil is sticky ash, after the keyhole will slowly to dust accumulation, and the formation of oil putty, so it makes the door more the prone to failure.

The correct solution: cut some pencil powder or some candles powder, through a tube into the lock core, and then repeated several times to turn into the key.

Poor opening

Sometimes, because of the gravity of the door itself, or the loose leaf reason, lead to the sinking of the door leaf, the phenomenon of door lock or door opening is not smooth. At this time, it is very difficult to open the door and lock the door with the key. At this point, do not twist the key, so as not to break the key, increase trouble.

The right solution: check the cause first. If the loose leaf door is loose, the loose loose leaf should be fastened with screws. If the door frame deformation or its causes can not be restored, you can start from the door frame, the lock tongue corresponding expansion, so that the door opens and closes, you can return to normal flow.

transformer substation

In accordance with the national substation anti-theft door lock "anti-theft security door general technical conditions" and the Ministry of public security "mechanical anti-theft lock" provisions, determine the anti-theft door supporting the mechanical lock is qualified from the anti destructive opening time; technical open time; three aspects of the same brand, the same specifications of the anti-theft lock open rate of judgment. And universal anti-theft door locks have two kinds, divided into A-level and B class. A class of anti-theft lock destructive opening time is not less than 15 minutes, the technical opening time is not less than 1 minutes qualified. And B anti-theft lock anti destructive opening time is 30 minutes, the technical opening time is not less than 5 minutes. From the point of view, B class anti-theft lock is the highest protection level in the Ministry of public security GA/T73 "mechanical anti-theft lock".

Market status

Most of the security door entering the market in the country adopts the general protection level a class marble lock. The class a anti-theft door locks are the most basic requirements of the national security authorities for anti-theft door safety performance. The opening standard of class a lock is very low, and it is qualified as long as it can not be opened in 60 seconds. And this ordinary class a anti-theft door locks for those who specialize in unlocking, usually only need more than ten seconds or even a few seconds to poke.

Maintenance standard

Don't force the key to open the anti-theft door lock in the substation!

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