Hinge is important in furniture

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  • April 03, 2019

The steel that makes hinge is very important, if the choice is not good, after a period of time, door plank is likely to lie on the back, slip shoulder drops an Angle.Our cabinets are almost made of cold-rolled steel, with perfect thickness and toughness.Also useful stainless, damp places use normal steel will rust quickly, using stainless steel hinge can compensate for this problem, make furniture live longer, and the thickness of the steel is also affects the quality of hinge hinge, decision important factor can bear the weight of cupboard door, when the choose and buy ambry must pay attention to.

Kitchen cabinet

In addition, damping hinges should be chosen as far as possible.So-called damping hinge, is refers to the door is closed at the end of certain Angle will be slow to close, so as to avoid impact of door of cupboard of park of loss and noise of the hinge, the ambry of so that you won't suddenly closed, to ensure the safety of use, in addition to the damping hinge, hinge, and rebound when people opponents take full of things, it is the leading role, installed on the rebound hinge cabinet just lightly touching the body of cupboard door will open automatically, greatly convenient for daily use, and also don't need to pack on cupboard door shake hand shandle, thus make the cabinet more beautiful and able to bear or endure look.

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