The advantage of quiet cabinet hinge

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  • Jimmy at
  • March 18, 2019
    Cabinet hinge includes activities of arm, the hollow arm, locking devices, flat and adjusting bolt, activity arm is equipped with the base, the base set with locking device, the hollow arm is equipped with the cavity of the base phase adaptation, tong cavity between the arm is the base and the cover plate, and locking devices described will limit the arm on the base of the activity, as described in setting adjustment bolt connection between cover and the base, hollow arm through the bottom of the chamber is equipped with the limit lug, the activities of the corresponding limit lug arm base is equipped with chute mentioned activity arm has a limit groove, limit mentioned in grooves extend to the base and through the chute,Limit grooves corresponding chute on position for one activity set blocks and the reset spring, set blocks described the extended base on limit groove outside of spacing block also has adapted with the chute width of groove, thus the utility model can rotate 360 degrees, the advantages of simple and convenient installation.


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