The difference of damper hinge in bending, straight bending and big bending

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  • October 07, 2018

    Damper hinge is an important part of furniture hardware, also known as hinge, which plays an important role in connecting two plates and allowing relative rotation between them.

    The damped hinge can be made from movable components or from collapsible materials.According to material classification can be divided into stainless steel and iron;It is mainly divided into ordinary hinge and damping hinge according to function. The appearance of damping hinge brings buffer function to the cabinet door when it is closed, reduces noise, and relieves the damage to the cabinet body and hardware accessories caused by the huge closing force when the cabinet door is closed by common hinge.

    According to the different needs of the cover plate of the cabinet, the hinge is divided into big bend, middle bend and straight arm.So what exactly do the big, middle and straight three damped hinges mean?What's the difference in their use?Let's analyze it together.

Furniture cabinets

    The straight arm, middle bend and big bend are also called full cover, half cover and inner hide, the same function but different names, and the designated parts are also different.So the word "cover" in the words "cover", "half cover" and "no cover" actually refers to the number of cabinet doors that cover the side panels of cabinets.

    If it is a full cover, it means that after the door of the cabinet is closed, the cabinet board completely covers the side board. Generally, the side boards of the cabinet need to be completely covered, mostly for independent cabinets.

    Half cover means that the door of the cabinet only covers half of the side board after closing. This kind of damper hinge is mainly applied to the combination cabinet, with the left and right sides of the cabinet taking up half of the side board.

    No cover damper hinge means that the door of the cabinet will not cover the side board when it is closed, but after the door of the cabinet is closed, the door board should be inside the side board.This kind of hinge is usually also used on the independent cabinet. The difference is the cabinet with decorative pattern on both sides, such as our shoe cabinet. If the cover plate conceals the decorative pattern, it will reduce the aesthetic value of the cabinet.

    What do the words "straight", "middle" and "big" mean?

    The pipe part of the damper hinge is installed on the cabinet door, while the base part is installed on the side plate. The middle joint is the arm of the damper hinge. This joint arm is the key.

Thus, it is the key to distinguish the three.

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