Hinge purchasing knowledge

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  • December 29, 2018

Hinge, the early hinge is divided into ordinary hinge and spring hinge, with the mature technology and market demand, derived from the buffer hinge, a force hydraulic hinge, two force damping hinge.The material is also divided into cold rolled steel and stainless steel.


Small hinge is useful big, hinge is the important connection part that realizes door of furniture cupboard to open close, do not have its furniture to be able to combine perfectly together.Choose appropriate furniture cabinet door connector can lengthen the service life of furniture, below small make up will reveal those hinge choose and buy knowledge that does not know to everybody.

Hinge design chooses and buy action: hinge has whole cover, half cover, inside Tibet the cent of 3 kinds of cover, the key point of choose and buy is the connection way that bases cupboard door and cupboard body is different will differentiate.

Hinge functions of choose and buy action: with the affirmation of the cushion is better than ordinary spring hinge, secondary force damping hinge is better than a force hinge, certainly, of course, will be the price of this three kinds of hinge is different, can choose according to the value of the cabinet, personal feel or choose good with buffer, can effectively prevent closing cupboard door collisions with cabinet put oneself in another's position, greatly extend the service life of the cabinet.

Hinge material material choose and buy action: the choice of hinge material material is concerned with the environment that USES, if be to use in relatively damp place, for example kitchen, bathroom, suggest to use stainless steel material qualitative;If it is used in bedroom, sitting room, study and so on more ventilated and dry place, choose cold rolled steel is qualitative ok.

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