Damping hinge type buffering hydraulic hinge manufacturer

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  • December 28, 2018

Damping hinge classification of hydraulic hinge manufacturer A&J hardwares secondary force buffer door hinge 1. 2 hydraulic hinge with two forces, rather than a force hinge "affected by the door plank of gravity inertia make cupboard door move back and forth" 

2. Including the hinge cup is also a fully automatic one-time stamping hinge accessories, regardless of the appearance of the hinge or the use of compact fit are generally let a person applaud!6 spring chainpost, the ply of material of hinge body of 1.1MM, although the cupboard door that bears 20 kilograms also becomes relaxed freely.Avoid common hinge easy to fall and damage.

3. The cupboard door hinge with perfect hydraulic damping system, let the cupboard door closed out at the moment of resistance, and by the spring tension closed, cupboard door shut down by the sound of the original into silent harmony, make household life showing a quiet in the noisy city. 

Damping hinge type buffering hydraulic hinge manufacturer

4. Tie-in self-closing system with built-in damper, the cupboard door closed, silent protect furniture for life.

5. Hinge base is removable configuration, more convenient for installation and disassembly.Product name: 2 force hydraulic hinge (disassembling) product brand: A&J hardwares product origin: guangdong jieyang full cover, half cover, embedded, two holes distance: 48.0 mm hole cup size: 35.0 mm hole depth: regular hinge 11.5 mm/shallow cup 9.5 mm material: cold rolled steel sheet surface treatment: nickel plating hinge purpose: civil furniture, bathroom cabinet, cabinet, cupboard door on links;Full cover side plate 18mm, adjustable to 14mm to 21mm quality assurance: 50,000 European SGS authoritative quality inspection certification, lifelong use!

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