How to select door hinges

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  • January 04, 2019

1, folding hinge, the use of a wide range of products, the hinge material is mainly stainless steel material, with the material and so on, strong and durable, and easy to use, easy to maintain and repair.

2, spring hinge, a special kind of products, size can be divided into 4 sizes, 2 inches, 3 inches, 4 inches and 6 inches, in addition, according to the thickness also have different, mainly have 1 mm, 1.2 mm, 3 mm, 3 mm and so on.

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3, hinge generally have two screens and three screens, three yoke hinge is better, if there are conditions to try to choose more positioning of the hinge, the so-called multipoint positioning, is refers to in open cupboard door plank can stay at any one point of view, open the effortless, also won't suddenly closed, so as to ensure the safety of using, if there is a quality problem of the hinge.

4, with a cup of iron hinge, hinge slowly like close close, remember must be slow, if you feel the hinge is very smooth, there is no way, even trying a few are suitable, preliminary is the hinge of the product is qualified, if you find there is a noise barriers or, or even both, that you be careful the hinge if there's any quality problem.

5, the amount of good hinge performance is good, its steel thickness, flexibility, corrosion resistance is good, the base is high, arm length, no displacement, open and close freely in use, no noise, can withstand tens of thousands of times.

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