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  • Jimmy at
  • December 18, 2018

    With the increase of users, manufacturers are also constantly increased, under the tide of market economy, shoddy is constantly emerging, many consumers said soon after used without the function of the hydraulic, expensive several times the price of the buffer hydraulic hinge was only took less than a few months to be no distinction and ordinary hinge, how can not sad?There are even decoration users decided not to use this type of hinge.It's a bit like alloy hinge a few years ago, where the scrap hinge broke when the screws were put on it, causing the loyal drag consumers of many alloy hinges to "turn a blind eye" to alloy hinges and drop them into the ranks of the iron hinge market, which eventually shrank. 

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    Therefore, I would also like to say to the manufacturer of the buffer hydraulic hinge that they should not hurt the hearts of consumers for the sake of short-term profits. In the era of information asymmetry, when consumers could not distinguish between good and bad quality, the manufacturer should be more responsible for quality, and finally achieve the win-win of market and profit.

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