What can Chinese sellers profit from the APEC cross-border electricity supplier agreement?

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  • November 27, 2017

Have a great impact on the development of the change of policy on cross-border electricity supplier, just shortly after the end of the APEC meeting just, followed by including "APEC cross-border e-commerce facilitation framework", "APEC Internet and digital road map", "economic APEC supply chain interconnection plan of action supervision framework" and a series of cross-border around business facilitation and liberalization of the framework agreement.

These impact on the future development of cross-border electricity supplier? How much is the relationship with the seller?

Logistics and supply chain, the Internet, a number of cross-border electricity trading facilitation agreement that Guangzhou Long Hao Network Technology Co. Ltd. (Huanong Braun) general manager Cheng Xuesong said that once the series of policies have been effectively implemented, the cross-border electricity supplier in the future not just foreign trade growth in the new engine, but in the next several years, it has become an important engine can APEC accelerate the regional economic and trade development. The seller might as well think about how cool it is to engage in cross-border trade with the huge APEC Member States

As we all know, cross-border electricity suppliers can successfully carry out, and the trade between the two countries of the electricity supplier development level, network coverage and other infrastructure construction is closely related. Overwhelmed by the series of agreements, it is legal regulation, infrastructure providers, information construction, supporting services and e-commerce facilitation and other aspects of concern from the cross-border electricity supplier sellers, paving the way for between APEC members to promote the development of cross-border electricity supplier, regional free trade and cooperation.

Question: what's the good for the seller? In Cheng Xuesong's view, with the gradual implementation of a number of agreements in China and other countries in the future, it will create more opportunities for cross-border electricity sellers in the following aspects:

1, a diversified platform settled lower threshold, in his opinion, the future with the continuous development of regional cross-border trade electricity supplier and various areas continue to increase investment, there will be more and more cross-border electronic business platform; then, the seller is not limited to settled the high threshold of the mainstream business platform and a few emerging market, but the seller can consider its all resources, product fit, target market and other factors, to choose suitable cross-border electronic business platform for business development; at the same time, it will be undoubtedly the lack of competitiveness in the Amazon, eBay, Wish, and other mainstream platform aliexpress sellers market, provide more opportunities for development.

2, the expansion of emerging consumer groups, targeted multi-level cross-border electricity supplier sellers from developed countries will be the current target market is more concentrated in Europe and the United States and Japan, gradually turned to the vast undeveloped and underdeveloped emerging markets; at the same time, the target market diversification is also reflected in the multi-level target population, the seller can according to different product positioning the selection and target consumer group are closer to the business platform.

3, product homogenization becomes possible, the platform selection more abundant "current product homogeneity serious problem is the bottleneck of the development of many sellers, but with the continuous elimination of trade barriers in the region, the business investment field is increasingly open and electricity supplier base facilities constantly improve, in the future, China sellers in cross-border retail sales in the field of products not only from Chinese, but will buy in more countries worldwide. Similarly, other countries will also be cross-border electricity supplier sellers, Chinese products as product supply base, expand the localization business, which implements the allocation efficiency of regional supply chain resources to maximize the homogenization of the problem faced by the sellers of products will be the greatest degree of ease." Cheng Xuesong said.

4, the precipitation of cross-border business operations personnel, the rapid development of strong regional localization service team of cross-border electricity supplier, will drive the development of regional cross-border talent circulation, providing more opportunities for talent and team diversity; the introduction of sellers through multinational personnel, and establish a local service team development service providers in the countries of the target market the introduction of foreign operators, presumably, in the future will become a normal solution to the shortage of qualified personnel in cross-border electricity supplier.

Cheng Xuesong concluded: "cross-border electricity supplier is in the ascendant, the APEC agreement adopted by the conference, regardless of the benign development of cross-border electricity supplier macro environment, or for cross-border electricity supplier sellers in the future development opportunities, are significant positive!

With the gradual release of these agreements in each member countries, the majority of sellers and investors can also get better opportunities for development." However, the seller also and should not be out of touch with reality, to the development of cross-border electricity supplier changes the pulse of the times, layout and prepare in advance, to meet the development opportunities.

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