How about the Online Supplier development in 2018?

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  • Jimmy at
  • November 27, 2017

E-commerce platform continues to expand impact

In 2018, the electronic business platform will continue to decompose the retail market. As another marketing channel of retailers and brands, e-commerce platform becomes more and more important.


Big data will change the customer experience

Collecting valuable customer data is an important way to improve revenue and optimize customer experience. This also increases the interaction between consumers and retailers / brands, thereby enhancing consumer loyalty and stickiness.


With the increasing influence of e-commerce platform, retailers need to fully understand the customer base, in order to better use the opportunity. Success is no longer just about offering the cheapest price.


Cross border electricity providers will become more attractive

Technological innovation and more efficient logistics will continue to promote the development of cross-border electricity suppliers in 2018. According to e Marketer, in 2018, the Asian trade market is expected to reach $1 trillion and 800 billion, accounting for 60% of the global retail electricity supplier market.


In order to succeed, retailers will pay more and more attention to offshore warehousing solutions, improve customer experience with higher efficiency and faster delivery speed.


Logistics will be redefined

Changing consumer expectations are driving retailers and brands to redefine logistics. As Amazon continues to grow, higher logistics standards are emerging. If retailers can better predict demand, timely delivery of products, then their competitive advantage will be greater, but also more consumer favorite.


The whole channel strategy is still important

Rising costs have forced retailers to seek new opportunities through physical stores. On the other hand, store retailers are gradually expanding online channels. Full channel retail continues to create synergies for online and physical retail.


This will not only help retailers better understand customers, but also ensure that their products and services are sold in all channels. Even in the face of increased market competition, it will also make their business successful.