List of 10 most commonly used non durable goods in the world

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  • November 22, 2017
Have you ever thought about a problem that people in the world can't live without? What are the 10 most commonly used products? Notice that this refers to non durable goods, and if you include durable goods, then the phone is absolutely the first list of the most popular product list in the world.
Non durable goods can be said to be the strongest products on the market. Unlike durable goods (electronic goods, jewelry, sporting goods, etc.), consumer disposable income decreases and consumer durables sales remain strong during the economic downturn.

This article studies data from Amazon, fast sell, Global Sources and other parties to sort out the world's 10 most commonly used products:

1, soap

In the United States, 84% of the population still uses soap, but it is down from 2010 of 89%. Because younger consumers are more likely to use liquid soap - shower gel.
But the amount of soap used in hotels, bars and other places has not declined. Hotels in the United States alone consume more than 90 million soap a year. Unilever's Dove accounts for 24% of the soap market share.

2, shaver

Only 2 billion disposable razors are consumed in the United States alone, with an average annual consumption of 6. Although this number is not so high around the world, it is certain that at least 10 billion disposable razors are discarded every year.

3, battery

In the United States, battery sales are about 50% more than razors, and about 3 billion batteries are used and discarded every year. Although there are rechargeable batteries, disposable batteries still occupy a big market.
In 2016, Energizer Holdings's Energizer Max sales in the United States reached $573 million 300 thousand, second only to Duracell's Coppertop battery, sales of more than 868 million U.S. dollars.

4, toothpaste

It is predicted that the toothpaste market will reach 14 billion US dollars by 2020. The average price of toothpaste is not more than a few dollars, and it sells billions every year. Procter & Gamble's Crest (Crest) is the leading toothpaste brand, while Crest is the largest toothpaste brand in the United states. Since 2017, Crest toothpaste sales have reached $236 million 800 thousand.

5, door stopper

Only the United States, every year there are 1 billion 200 million pounds of gate is used. And because these towels can be recycled, the quality is very high, so popular with the public.

6, chopsticks

Although chopsticks are not commonly used in the west, the use of chopsticks across Asia is larger than that of the whole world. Data show that China's annual production of disposable chopsticks up to 80 billion pairs.

7, toilet paper

According to Charmin (Procter & Gamble Company) research, Americans use 59 rolls of toilet paper every year, according to this data, the world needs to use 400 billion rolls of paper every year. Although the real number is less than half, it is still amazing.

8, disposable tableware

According to statistics, more than 400 billion of disposable containers are used every year, most of them can not be recycled. Starbucks alone consumes 1% of disposable containers. Starbucks is trying to develop recyclable cups.
In 2016, more than 66% of Americans used disposable tableware.

9, garbage bags / plastic bags

In 2017, as many as 5 trillion garbage bags and plastic bags were produced, and Americans use an average of 1500 plastic bags per year, which means that every American uses about 4.5 bags a day.

10, paper

American offices only use 12 trillion and 100 billion pieces of paper a year, and this is only in the United states. North America uses more than 500 pounds of paper per year, and uses about 300 tons of paper a year globally.