The utility and installation method of hydraulic hinge

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  • August 23, 2018
   Hydraulic hinge is a kind of hinge, also known as damping hinge.It relies on a new technology to accommodate the closing speed of doors.Door in the 60 ° began to slowly closing on its own, to reduce impact, form a closed comfortable effect.Even hard to close the door will be soft closed, to ensure the perfect movement. Gentle.
   Hydraulic hinge is becoming more widely used because it has a feature that ordinary hinges cannot: soft closing.Use it, will not be afraid to close the door when the sleeping family scared awake;With it, homes that do not make loud noises are disturbed.However, the quality of the cushioning hydraulic hinge products in the market varies, with different prices.Poor quality products are prone to oil leakage or hydraulic cylinder bursting problems.


   Installation method of hydraulic hinge
The first step: according to the needs of cabinet body design, the door plate is the full cover, half cover or inner hidden door plate, which is the choice of hinge: straight arm, middle bend or big bend;
  Step 2: according to the thickness of the side plate, the edge distance of the cup hole is determined.
  Step 3: put the hinge cup into the cup hole of the door plate. The hinge is 90 degrees to the edge of the door plate, and then use 4*16mm self-tapping screws to lock the two screw holes on the hinge with a screwdriver.
  Step 4: Move the door panel with locked hinge to the cabinet and align with the side panel. First, make two long holes.At this point, the door plate can be moved up and down, to the best position, and then the round hole;
  Step 5: debugging: first loosen a little screw on the hinge, and then adjust the front big screw to make the hinge cover side plate fit properly, and then adjust the tightness of the door plate and side plate after the small screw is loose.Step 6: test, test whether adjusted and inappropriate through the use of experience, and then debug through the fifth part until the test is qualified.