Basic knowledge of hydraulic hinge

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  • Jimmy at
  • August 23, 2018

   In building materials, hydraulic hinges are being selected more and more frequently, and the next few articles are all about hinge problems. Let me give you the basic knowledge of hydraulic hinges.


   Hydraulic hinge shopping skills because the average hinge in People's Daily switch more than 10 times, so a hinge depends on the performance of your furniture, the choice of their home hinge hardware should also be very careful.The hinge can be distinguished basically from the following aspects:

   1. Surface: check whether the surface material of the product is flat. If you see scratches and deformation, it is produced by waste (leftover material).

   2. Hydraulic performance: it is well known that the hinge key ACTS as a switch, so this is very important, and the key depends on the damper of the hydraulic hinge, as well as the assembly of liuding.The damper is mainly to see if there is noise when opening and closing, if there is inferior products, and to see if the turn speed is uniform.Is the cup loose?If there is a loose proof willow nail does not close tightly, easy to fall off.Close a few times to see the cup indentation name is not obvious.If it is obvious that the material thickness is wrong, it is easy to "burst the cup".

   3. Generally, the hinge has two screws, both of which are adjusting screws, up and down adjusting screws, front and back screws. Some new hinge also has left and right adjusting screws, which is now called three-dimensional adjusting hinge.Adjusting screw and screwdrivers with some strength to adjust up and down three or four times, and then take the screw down, take a look at the hinge arm's tooth, whether have damage, because the hinge is the formation of iron material is qualitative, is not so hard, the screw is easy to wear and tear, and due to the factory work teeth if precision is not enough, would be easy to slippery silk, of goods did not move.Front and rear adjusting screws are also like some tests.