Components of hydraulic hinge

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  • Jimmy at
  • August 23, 2018

1. Hydraulic hinge cup

The hydraulic hinge cup is the key component of the hinge, which is mainly fixed on the cabinet door (wardrobe, cabinet).Cabinet door hinge cup head with large contact area can increase the firmness of cabinet door (wardrobe cabinet) and hydraulic hinge.

2. Hydraulic hinge anchor

The hinge cup fixation pin is the only fixed device connecting the movable joint between the hinge cup and the hydraulic hinge main body of the cabinet door.It is the only factor that the door of the cabinet (wardrobe, cabinet) opens and closes the hydraulic hinge for a long time.

4.Hydraulic hinge pressure bar

Hydraulic hinge press bar is the con  necting lever to open the hydraulic hinge hydraulic buffer. The main function is to drive the hydraulic hinge hydraulic cylinder with the closing of the hydraulic hinge to achieve the buffering effect.The advanced rotating structure can transmit the closed force of hydraulic hinge to hydraulic cylinder for the first time, so that the buffer time will not be delayed.

Hydraulic hinge hydraulic damper

Hydraulic hinge hydraulic damper is the core component of the buffer hinge. Its main function is that the cabinet door installed with hydraulic hinge (wardrobe, cabinet) has no closing noise when closed. The wear resistance, toughness and bearing area of the cylinder body of hydraulic hinge determine whether the hydraulic hinge damper is durable.

5. Hydraulic hinge screws

Hydraulic hinge pin is the connection of the main parts of the hydraulic hinge.Whether the hydraulic hinge can be bent or broken in the high strength of opening and closing depends on whether the hinge is nailed or not.Hydraulic hinge base

Hydraulic hinge base is an important connecting piece of the cabinet bucket with the hinge arm, which is mainly used to fix the hydraulic hinge on the cabinet bucket (wardrobe, cabinet).The four-hole base is stronger than the two-hole base on the bucket and the cushioning hinge. Of course, the design and thickness of the base material also determine whether it is durable.The thin material can easily make the door of the cabinet (wardrobe, cabinet) loose and fall out of danger after a long time of use. The hydraulic hinge base on the market is best now 1.2mm thick base.