Do you know what the White House Christmas decoration this year?

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  • Jimmy at
  • December 01, 2017

On Monday (November 27), the White House Christmas Decorations were officially unveiled, encompassing 53 Christmas trees and more than 12,000 ornaments, all designed around a classic, classic theme.


There are new things that make people crazy on every holiday season. This year, Twitter has also brought a wave of "upside down Christmas trees" trend and has aroused hot on the Internet. Why say "again"? Because this is not the first time this tree has appeared in the Christmas season, such as in the past year, people once wondered about this upside down Christmas tree.


However, some foreigners are now hanging the Christmas tree upside down on the ceiling by the with door hinge:


 Christmas decoration


According to Google Trends, "Upside Down Christmas Tree" heat experienced soaring from November 22.


Everyone has their own preferences for the Christmas decorations, and despite the fantastic taste of the holiday season, we are still able to tap into this hot New Christmas decoration from Twitter.


Not everyone likes "Inverted Christmas Tree" Although the trend of "Inverted Christmas Tree" is "blowout" on Instagram and Pinterest, people seem less certain that they should not try this new decoration. Here are some of Twitter's objections to this tree:


"Are you serious about it and hurriedly set aside this stuff called 'Inverted Christmas Tree' or it will really become a trend."


"I do not like this upside-down Christmas tree, nor do I buy this tree for my child, that's it."


"It's not that cold about this upside-down Christmas tree, except for that, and it seems to me that only Claridges and karl lagerfeld, the fashion designer, designed it. "


Online, retailers like Target and Wayfair are selling similar upside-down Artificial Christmas trees for prices ranging from $ 200 to $ 1,000, with different decorations.


In fact, upside down Christmas tree is nothing new, this tradition can actually be traced back to the Middle Ages. At that time, religious people hang the Christmas tree as a symbol of the Trinity. It remains a tradition in Central and Eastern Europe.


But because some people may hate this tree for their differences in religious and political positions. There are many department stores that seem to be using this Christmas tree in the name of "saving floor space" and show more decorations to their customers as much as possible.