This year's Christmas fire is not the Christmas tree, but it!

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  • April 28, 2018

Winter is coming! Not everyone likes festivals mixed with religion, and decorating the pineapple tree can be a non-traditional way of celebrating the festival. Unlike Christmas trees, they do not take up a lot of space.


If you want to add a tropical feel to this year's festival decorations, learn how to dress up your pineapple for this holiday season. You have not heard wrong, because pineapple has become a new generation of Christmas tree! This is not kidding. In 2017, the search volume of the pineapple Christmas trees on Pinterest all the way up, people are abandoning the traditional Christmas tree, choose to give fruit with a variety of attractive dress.


Merry Christmas

Apartment Therapy claims that pineapples are a hospitable sign, which means they are a great way to welcome others to spend your days in your home. Apartment Therapy writes: "Pineapple is seen as a signal of welcome - its image serves as a door knocker, block board and trinket, and it always appears in the hotel's gift basket."


"Pineapple Christmas tree" how to dress?


How to decorate your pineapple Christmas tree? It depends entirely on the individual. You can hang some light bulbs on the pineapple's "hair", put it on sunglasses or a Christmas hat, wrap it around the light string, and even attach two cabinet hinges to the pineapple like two long legs. Have to say, pineapple Christmas tree is very interesting, but also very festive atmosphere, but also very good (and cheap) Christmas present.


You can even combine a "pineapple family" to assign a unique personality to each pineapple.

In recent years, the popularity of decorative pineapples has risen. Even the carved pineapples, instead of the traditional pumpkins, appeared on Halloween in 2017, proving that this tropical fruit will continue to be popular this Christmas.


Why pineapples will be popular in Christmas it?


First, dressing Christmas pineapples can be a lot easier than taking a spruce tree home. In addition, some time after the holidays, the Christmas tree may become dry and hard, not easy to handle and clean, and this will never happen to the pineapple tree. In the 2017 festival, there is almost no downside to dressing pineapples as Christmas trees.


The only thing missing is the charming spruce tree, but you can use aromatherapy candles or essential oils instead.


Pineapple tree also brings a tropical flavor, helps to resist the feeling of depression in winter.