These 3 trends will affect the electricity supplier pattern in 2018

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  • Jimmy at
  • November 17, 2017

Market research firm comscore data show that PC end of the electricity supplier sales entered a stable period, but overall, the electricity retail is booming, many electricity supplier trends are constantly emerging. And 2018 is coming, for the seller of the electricity supplier, understanding the future of the electricity supplier related trends is crucial.


This article examines or will change the 2018 global electricity supplier market structure of the 3 major trends: 1, a large number of mobile devices online shopping influx, with the smartphone use rate and sales continue to rise, the consumer's mobile terminal online shopping consumption will continue to grow. Electricity supplier sales from mobile devices currently account for 19% of the total electricity market in the United States, but according to the Invesp report shows that by the end of 2018, the proportion will increase to 27%.


But the influx of mobile phone online shopping consumers, will bring new challenges to the seller of the electricity supplier. Considering that the traditional PC side is still higher than the mobile device in the conversion rate, the electricity supplier sellers obviously need to find ways to improve the mobile terminal conversion rate. 2, B2B electricity supplier market prosperity, although the electricity supplier largely describes the B2C category, but do not ignore the gradual growth of the B2B electricity supplier market. By 2020, the total sales of B2B electricity market will exceed $1 trillion. Therefore, for many brands, B2B electricity supplier market is still a piece of fertile soil".


With the seller's price tends to be consistent, bulk shipping, quotation, simplify the purchase process become the primary task of B2B electricity supplier enterprises. 3, shopping App is more common, in order to cope with the mobile phone online shopping users influx of challenges, is expected to become a new wave of future shopping App, it allows sellers to contact more buyers. Considering that mobile users spend 86% of their time on App and M stations, the smart phone shopping App is the key to transforming those fickle consumers. After all, if consumers are willing to download App, they show their loyalty and trust to the brand, which makes it possible for them to continue to buy products from the brand.


App business platform Poq recently found that the transformation rate of App than M shopping station 40%, browsing time even longer than the desktop, and the possibility of repeated visit also increased 2 times, because App provides highly personalized content, push notifications and geographical entity shopping recommendation function based on. Although no one can really define the future of the electricity supplier, but there are still some trends will continue to affect the development of the electricity supplier market.


No matter what kind of products sold, apparently no one brand can survive on the laurels. The electricity supplier industry is developing to meet the needs of consumers, so should sellers.