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  • April 28, 2018

Amazon will create a global linkage of the shopping carnival. China today officially opened the fourth "overseas shopping festival", a comprehensive build from Amazon China and the Amazon United States, Britain, Japan, Germany, the four overseas sites more than one million the world's best, super discount as low as the price of 5 fold!


It is reported that "overseas shopping festival" across 11.11, "Black Friday" and "online shopping Monday" and other major year-end online shopping node, more than thirty days. Prime member service, overseas purchase, boutique supermarket three core business strong beachhead year-end shopping season fourth Amazon shopping festival. Just docking Amazon Germany's Amazon overseas stores will be the first assembly of the United States, Britain, Japan, Germany, the four sites launched for the Chinese market custom discount "overseas carnival" and "true black five" global carnival, black five days of Chinese consumers also Can enjoy up to 40 hours of uninterrupted global synchronized carnival; the same time, Amazon China carefully recruited 56 countries more than 3,000 brands of international authentic one-stop online shopping platform "boutique supermarket" will also bring a series of heart discount shock on the line.


This year's Amazon China Overseas Shopping Festival will be divided into three stages. From now until November 12, consumers can log on to Amazon China to join the international big gathering 11.11 promotional activities. November 13 to November 25 Amazon China will fully open the "Black Friday" promotion. Which in November 23 to November 25 of the 72 hours of the five major high tide high attention; as the overseas shopping festival finale drama, November 27 from the following week, Amazon China will also launch the "online shopping Monday" Series of promotional activities. Overseas music festival, Samsonite new beauty, LEGO LEGO, Fisher-Price Fisher, iRobot, Hansgrohe Hansgrohe, Philips Philips and Clarks its music, including 14 international big will be shocked to join the "Super Brand Day", bring Hundreds of super discount items.


Amazon Prime member services since the on-line has been widely welcomed by Chinese consumers, as of the end of June this year, Amazon Prime registered membership than the first month of the growth of more than 8 times, and Prime member services for China's Prime members have saved billions of Yuan freight , Greatly released the enthusiasm of Chinese consumers shopping. During the fourth "Overseas Shopping Festival" in the Amazon China, Prime member services were fully upgraded in terms of selection scale, logistics distribution, exclusive offers and customer service.


With the official docking on May 16, Amazon Germany, Amazon's first overseas collection of Chinese consumers favorite Amazon United States, Britain, Japan and Germany four overseas sites. Which makes the current overseas shopping festival, regardless of the number of sites from the synchronous benefits or the total amount of merchandise has become the largest overseas purchase of Amazon since the largest scale. Overseas shopping festival, the Amazon overseas purchase will be synchronized four overseas sites Zhendian treasure, Z cost-effective and Z spike activities, so that consumers in the year-end shopping season truly "one stop to buy the world."


November 13 to 26, the Amazon overseas purchase will have launched the "black five goods to grab the first purchase" and "real black five 72 hours global carnival" activities, through the synchronization of the four sites hundreds of thousands of concessions, so that Chinese consumers Able to stay at home easy to join the world "really dark five" big carnival. Not only Amazon launched promotional activities, our company's door handle products and so on for cross-border businessmen launched promotional activities. As the "overseas shopping festival" climax, the Amazon overseas store "black Friday" day of the snapped at 23:00 on the 23rd and Amazon Japan start at the same time, and at 25:00 on November 25 with the end of the Amazon United States, China consumption You can enjoy the 40 hours of free time-sharing global shopping carnival. November 27 to December 4, "online shopping Monday" activities will be fully opened, bringing comparable to the black five discount efforts of a new round of promotion.



In view of the trend of Chinese consumers changing from "material" consumption to "quality" consumption, Amazon China adopts the advantages of multi-channel business such as imported direct mining, Hong Kong / bonded warehouse and brand direct supply, and leads to exquisite, healthy and safe quality Way of Amazon boutique supermarkets, to create a choice of international authentic one-stop online shopping platform. Amazon boutique supermarkets from more than 30 countries around the world more than 3,000 quality brands of more than 40,000 options, covering maternal and child, toys, food, drinks, beauty, a care and home, kitchen utensils and other categories. Whether it is love of elegant and elegant living urban white-collar workers, concerned about the healthy and healthy lifestyle of the family or want to create a safe and happy living space for home users, can be met at the Amazon boutique supermarket one-stop meet the daily needs.