Canton Fair Mexican buyers on China's Hardware product evaluation is high

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  • November 27, 2017

Canton Fair Mexican buyers on China's Hardware product evaluation is high

Alejandro is a buyer from Mexico, specializing in furniture accessories and window accessories wholesale business in Mexico. He has been working with China's hardware manufacturers for 10 years, this is his first time to the Canton Fair, mainly to find new furniture accessories suppliers and window accessories suppliers.

In addition to the Canton Fair, Alejandro will participate in the United States a lot of hardware accessories Expo, as well as China International Hardware Accessories Expo and other exhibitions, but Alejandro said that the Canton Fair's product selection is "the largest".

If Mexico wants to get more profits in the ranks of hardware, imported from China

Alejandro's customers are mainly Mexican retail stores, hardware accessories business accounted for about 80% of its business, while the drawer slide accounted for 20%.

Alejandro said Mexicans had a high rating of hinges produced in China."China 's hardware accessories manufacturing industry is well - known in the world," he said, adding that our customers who buy our accessories know that our products are produced in China and that they sell well and that they like Chinese."

2017 Canton Fair

Alejandro has been working with China's hardware accessories manufacturers for 10 years, he said that China's manufacturing hardware accessories advantage is: fast output, good design, reasonable price, cost is very high.

Although other countries can produce better quality hardware accessories, but high quality generally means high prices, Alejandro said that no country produced hardware accessories cost ratio than in China.

However, he felt that the current price of hinges and drawer slide in the Canton Fair has increased compared to the past, he analyzed this should be due to labor costs and rising raw material costs and other reasons.

Alejandro said that Mexico did not have low-cost manufacturing of five gold technologies, manufacturing processes and machinery and equipment, while Chinese suppliers had all of these conditions, so they chose to buy from China.

There is no inventory to do business

Alejandro's products are all "pre-sale", that is, he will bring samples from the show to the customer, if the customer has seen after the satisfaction, willing to purchase, Alejandro will contact the Chinese supplier orders. So he saved a lot of money to manage the inventory, all imports from China's products have actually been sold out, so he can quickly put the product shipped out.

Alejandro himself will try out those parts when purchasing. He said that he purchased the hardware accessories standards first of all he felt that the accessories really easy to use. In general, when purchasing hardware accessories, you need to know the habits of customers, but he said: "If I think this easy to use, my customers will generally like because I can be considered one of my own customers, I also Will be selected for personal purposes from the procurement of the drawer slide for their own drawer slide.

However, Alejandro will do market research, will go to the customer's store to investigate the inventory, look at the store which are sold out, which is the most popular.

Was cheated by Chinese suppliers twice, to become more cautious Canton Fair

Although most of the Chinese manufacturers working with Alejandro were able to make him feel satisfied, Alejandro had been cheated twice by Chinese suppliers at an international exhibition in Shanghai.

On one occasion, he saw a exhibitor at the show, he was very satisfied with the sample, signed a contract to pay the money, the goods were also successfully transported to Mexico, but the actual quality of the product and see the difference between the show, so People are unacceptable.

Later, he was looking for a vendor to solve the problem, but the supplier would not reply at all, and then there was no such thing, and Alejandro had no choice but to work with it.

Another time, he had intended to cooperate with a Chinese supplier, after he asked the price, he felt the price of the Chinese supplier is too high, so do not intend to buy, after hearing this, the attitude of the supplier Immediately after the change, asked his intention price, after Alejandro indicated an acceptable price intention, the supplier said that they were able to produce the price of the product, so they worked together. However, the later production of the product and Alejandro's actual expectations difference is too large, he felt once again cheated, and never believe that this supplier.

Alejandro even uses this "bargain" approach to test whether a supplier is trustworthy. If someone then use the same price reduction means to induce him to place an order, he will soon avoid.

In the past, he would hire a company to check the product quality and production process, but because of the two cheated experience, said he had "good", now to the Canton Fair he will choose to go to the factory to field investigation, Alejandro said : "I need to see myself in the end and what kind of cooperation."

Mexican electricity economy

The development of the electricity business has had a certain impact on Mexican store traffic, but Alejandro said that because he was a wholesaler, he was not affected.

Alejandro lists Mexico's most popular platform for electricity, including Alibaba, Linio and Amazon.

According to market reports, the Latin American market is the world's most growth potential of the region, and Mexico is Latin America in recent years, the fastest growing economy, Latin America is the second largest economy, second only to the world ranked seventh in Brazil. The size of electricity in Mexico has increased by 400% over the past five years. According to Alejandra, Mexico's National Digital Strategy Coordinator, more than 70 million Internet users in Mexico have spent more than 60 percent of the Mexican population.

Mercury Libre grew rapidly as the largest commercial platform in Mexico, and the total turnover of the Mexican platform sellers in 2016 reached more than 16 billion pesos. Network sales are expected to double in 2017 over 2016.