introduction to cabinet hinges

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  • Jimmy at
  • September 18, 2018

    It is the most important hardware fittings of ambry.According to statistic, ambry door wants to switch 100 thousand times in 10 years much!Therefore, the quality of the hinge is very important to the normal opening and closing of the cabinet door.There are two indicators of hinge quality. One is structural strength.The other is the surface corrosion resistance, the indicator is whether the salt spray after corrosion resistance 48 hours.In addition, the hinge is divided into three types according to the installation mode, which are normal, normal and luxurious. 


    There are great differences in the installation mode and the adjustment of the installation position.Some fast hinge can realize the front and back, top and bottom, left and right adjustment of door plate position by adjusting the adjusting screw on the hinge without removing the screw, which improves the efficiency of installation and regulates the operation quality of installation.