The difference between hinge and hinge

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  • June 07, 2018
   What are the differences between hinge and hinge?Teach you to recognize the difference between hinge and hinge?

    When doing home decoration, you will often see two kinds of parts and tools -- hinge and hinge.In many cases we will hinge with hinge, hinge hinge and actually is not the same, there are some difference, whether it's appearance, or when used in the role of division of labor, or the object of action is there are a lot of difference.Understanding the difference between hinge and hinge can avoid many problems.What are the difference between the hinge and hinge hinge hinge and is for a family to decorate when the metal parts of the hinge and the hinge is the connection between the two parts of furniture, metal parts and can make it smooth activities.Hinges and hinges are usually made of removable components or of collapsible materials.There are many similarities between hinge and hinge. For example, hinge is the same function as hinge in the process of opening Windows.But in fact, the two cannot be confused.So what's the difference between hinge and hinge?Let's see what's different between hinges and hinges.

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    Hinge hinge on the appearance and the difference between a hinge, hinge, and the difference between - appearance when you see there is a big difference between hinges and hinge, you will be very clearly see the hinges and hinge is not the same.Hinges are rotating shaft structure, material generally have iron, copper and stainless steel, common kinds of hinges are ordinary hinge, pipe hinge, door hinges, glass hinges, hinges, and mesa double door hinges;Hinge is a rod system structure, which can be made to move and rotate horizontally. The general hinge types are four links, six links and other links. The material is usually stainless steel hinge and iron hinge.The force characteristic of hinge is to bear the main vertical load (such as gravity) and horizontal load (such as wind) in the opening process of window fan and the opening state.These are the differences in appearance.

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    Hinge and hinge principle introduction ii, hinge and hinge differences - different action principle hinge hinge hinge hinge hinge and hinge are also different.A closed window fan can only rotate, while a hinged one can rotate and flatten.Hinge is usually keep doors and Windows opening or closing is rotated, hinges don't have the function of spring hinge, so must be installed again after installation hinge various touch beads, or horizontal load (wind) will move the door plank.The hinge itself cannot provide the same friction as the hinge, so it needs to be used together with other scratches, while the hinge of the decoration material can provide a certain amount of friction, which can be used separately.These are the differences in how they work.

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       Hinge hinges and hinge objects are different. Hinge hinges and hinge objects are different. Hinge hinges and hinges mainly act on cabinet doors, Windows, doors, etc.But in the object of action, each has a specialty, each has a role that the other cannot replace.Here are a few examples of how hinge hinges work on different objects.Main installation on Windows and doors, such as hinge hinge and more installed in the kitchen, on the other hand, generally use hinges to fixed installation window, and large casement Windows will need to use multiple hinge joint force, close to complete large casement Windows, and so on.So what's the difference between hinge and hinge?In fact, many times both can be used as a class of tool parts.Above is the hinge hinge and the difference between the three aspects of introduction, hope for your understanding of hinge hinge and have certain effect, in order to home, in the correct use of hinges and hinge, reduce construction error.

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