Preliminary understanding of request for quotation

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  • June 13, 2018

RFQ refers to request for quotation.Written meaning is quotation request, this word is often used in foreign trade correspondence.As the buyer sends an inquiry to the seller, it may be in the form of E-mail or fax. The words RFQ will appear in the header of the fax document or the subject of the mail..
An RFQ can be either an empty or a firm offer, which is usually returned by the buyer after the seller's offer.If it is a firm offer, the buyer and the seller will settle at a mutually agreed price.

In international trade, business clinch a deal from RFQ, talk about into gradually, the foreign trade salesman for RFQ simple quotation problem, not just to be good at using a variety of skills, induced by the customer, every RFQ to contribute to a firm offer, finally signed the contract and order.

RFQ has certain confidentiality in business negotiation?

Request For Quotations